RFK assassination chart analysis

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Robert F. Kennedy Assassination: Accidental History through a Lone Assassin, or a Successful Attempt by Unknown Actors at Killing Another Kennedy? A Closer Look at the Event Via Astrology

While many scholars and spectators scoff at the idea of conspiracies behind each Kennedy assassination in the 1960s, astrology forces a second look at whether additional powerful people arranged for the elimination of the Kennedy brothers. Sirhan Sirhan killed Robert Kennedy in California fifty years ago (chart data: June 6 1968, 12:15 AM, Los Angeles CA USA). Aggrieved members of the public are prone to threatening violence and even carrying it out against politicians, public figures who often have polemical views that inevitably clash with somebody else's beliefs. However, two Kennedys killed within five years of one another, one a President, the other a Presidential candidate, and another brother who could not successfully obtain the Democratic Presidential nomination after the Chappaquiddick incident, is terrible luck and strikes the casual observer as something other than coincidental.

Robert Kennedy's charts, and the transit chart at the moment of his unfortunate death, reveal information regarding the nature of the event and explanations of his assassination. This analysis is an attempt to address why and how the assassination happened, find astrological indicators suggesting manipulation of Sirhan Sirhan, and uncover whether interested parties likely surmised a way to eliminate another Kennedy from public life. President Kennedy was an Aquarian President[1] and powerful people averse to fresh ideas and change no doubt opposed the similarities of his popular brother.

Robert Kennedy's natal promise

All people die, but few are assassinated. The Kennedy children had rich and connected parents. This opened a gateway for success in politics for Robert Kennedy, in tandem with his natal promise. The need to accomplish and create order (Moon in Capricorn) was well placed in Saturn's house, the tenth, and aligned with his natural talents and karma (Moon conjunct South Node). Chart ruler Venus was pushing on his Midheaven angle. Jupiter conjunct Venus in Capricorn flanked Midheaven from the tenth house side. Thus creating a favorable image of dependability and authority was quite natural for Kennedy. The three planets, including one of the luminaries, in Capricorn, flowed reasonably well with his three planets in Scorpio, which included the other luminary. Sun in late Scorpio in the seventh house combined a conscious drive for power with the relationships area of life. The stellia in Kennedy's natal promise, and particularly the placements of the Sun and Moon, were a solid foundation for pursuing political objectives: forging alliances in order to combat adversaries, in an attempt to increase one's own power.

Kennedy was part of the Pluto in Cancer generation, and his important Pluto formed a watery grand trine with Saturn and Uranus. The grand trine is a solid explanation for his altruistic views, at least in part, particularly with Jupiter as the focal point of his kite and outlet of the grand trine pattern. Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto had reformed in a remarkable way in the heavens at the time of the shooting on June 6, 1968, and at the time of his death a bit over twenty-four hours later. While much more analysis of his chart is possible, the last noteworthy planet for the purposes of this analysis includes Neptune in late Leo, which makes a square aspect to both Sun and Saturn. Neptune was prominent at the point in Kennedy's life when he was killed. Neptune is also noteworthy and active in his chart, based on Neptune as part of a fiery grand trine including Mercury and Chiron. Jack's steadfast, loyal younger brother was eager to serve and make his mark on the world through attaining public office.

The Robert Kennedy assassination must be viewed in the context of occurring less than five years after his brother's assassination, during the turbulent 1960s. As Uranus and Pluto, the agents of change, waltzed together through the orderly Virgo sign, riots, assassinations, and various reactions to progress in society (e.g., social and technological advances) pockmarked the inevitable evolution of the United States. Among other possibilities, motives for killing John and Robert Kennedy include revenge against their father (this is difficult to prove and highly speculative, but possible). Kennedy, as Attorney General, worked to uncover and convict people involved with organized crime. He also wanted to expose corruption in organized labor. Another possible major factor was Kennedy in favor of deescalating the Vietnam War.[2] The Kennedys had no lack of enemies with ample motives to want them gone.

Comparison of the JFK assassination chart and the RFK assassination chart

A most fascinating similarity exists between John and Robert Kennedy's assassination charts. Each brother's natal Sun was in proximity to the other's assassination chart Sun! Robert Kennedy's natal Sun at 28 Scorpio was particularly close to the JFK assassination Sun just short of 0 Sagittarius. The June 6 1968 chart shows Sun at 15 Gemini, only about eight degrees ahead of John F. Kennedy's natal Sun. While this is proof of nothing, it is a stupefying coincidence.

The JFK assassination chart includes a distinct yod pattern pointing to Uranus, the chart ruler. The RFK assassination chart contains its own yod pattern pointing to Saturn. The focal point of each yod points to the chart ruler, and classical chart ruler, respectively. Each brother was killed when the ascendant was in Aquarius! The JFK assassination event had ascendant at 19 Aquarius, and the RFK assassination event had ascendant at 23 Aquarius. Ascendant in Aquarius reflects the shocking nature of each event. The ascendant placement repeats clues about who may have been behind each successful assassination. Each ascendant placement represents each Kennedy brother. Ascendant in Aquarius symbolizes the nature of both Kennedys and what they wanted for the United States (note the previous comment about JFK as one of few modern Presidents who was Aquarian). The ascendant in each chart conjunct suggests that the two were similar in approach and objectives, reasonably evidenced by history. (We will never fully know about RFK, however, because he ran for President but never attained the office.) Leo descendant in each chart signifies the old guard set against the Kennedys attaining various policy objectives that went against ingrained interests.

Each assassination chart also has Venus conjunct Mars. The conjunctions among charts oppose one another in the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. Each chart also has an airy Moon at about the same degrees of each of their signs. Uranus and Pluto are still conjunct in Virgo in the RFK assassination chart, although obviously Uranus/Pluto are farther along in Virgo in 1968 as compared to 1963. Venus/Mars conjunct in mutable signs was problematic and repeat in each ominous event. Cooperation (Venus) in order to carry through a violent act (Mars) is the first piece of evidence in the heavens that contradicts the idea of lone assassins.

Robert Kennedy's triwheel

Many factors within Robert Kennedy's charts reflected the horrific situation in which he was assassinated. The astrology of the event is reasonably simple to elaborate upon. What might be missed in the analysis is how outside forces were acting to manipulate and use Sirhan Sirhan in order to kill Kennedy for their own purposes. The following factors are all-important and provide cogent evidence of forces beyond a lone assassination involved in killing Robert Kennedy.

- Progressed Moon in Leo square transiting Hades in Taurus! Most significant
- Progressed Vertex opposite Hades
- Natal Saturn-progressed Moon-transiting Hades t-square
- Transiting Mercury retrograde in Cancer conjunct Vulcanus
- Mercury/Vulcanus square natal Hades
- Transiting Chiron conjunct natal/progressed Hades (bullet to the head)
- Progressed Sun opposite natal Pluto
- Natal and progressed Chiron at the focal point of the assassination yod
- An exact Neptune quarter return
- Pluto opposite natal and progressed Uranus
- Natal Black Lilith is opposite progressed Sun; progressed Lilith is conjunct progressed Moon; transiting Black Lilith is conjunct transiting Sun and square transiting Moon
- Mars involved with the assassination is not readily apparent

1) Progressed Moon in Leo square transiting Hades in Taurus

Hades is often prominent in horrific events. Hades is essential to the astrology of the RFK assassination in particular because the possibility of manipulation was more likely to have been present with Hades repeating in the charts.

The JFK assassination chart contains Moon square Hades, with about a half-degree orb. JFK was also going through a Node return, with Transiting North Node at the same degree of his natal South Node, at 11 Cancer. Thus Moon's Nodes were also interacting with Hades at the time of the November 1963 event. Moon repeating the same aspect in a different manner in the RFK assassination event again reflects the similarities among the brothers in the way that they died. This is obviously apparent: they were assassinated. The manipulative symbolism of Hades in conflict with the reticent, subconscious Moon also gives strong astrological evidence that powerful, behind the scenes people worked to make sure that the Kennedys were directly eliminated, perhaps through hypnotizing Sirhan Sirhan. Hades also pertains to power and wealth. Hades is not Pluto, but much of the same symbolism holds. The leadership (Leo) and humanitarian (Aquarius) qualities of each brother clashed with the entrenched, wealthy interests who wanted to eliminate them (Hades in Taurus, in each case). Hades was retrograde in the JFK assassination chart and direct in the RFK assassination chart. This gives the impression that possible cooperation among those who killed the Kennedys was more widespread and unified in the JFK killing. Nonetheless, Hades was potent in the case of the RFK assassination. Clearly, a prominent Hades also reveals a secret, underworld type of vibe associated with each assassination. This contradicts Sirhan Sirhan acting alone. Moon-Hades suggests that underworld forces manipulated Sirhan into killing RFK.

2) Progressed Vertex opposite Hades

Based on a 3:11 PM birth time, progressed Vertex is exactly opposite transiting Hades, within an orb well under half of a degree. Natal Saturn is also conjunct progressed Vertex, and opposite transiting Hades if you care to slightly stretch the orb above one degree. June 1968 was a point in Robert Kennedy's life in which many Hades type manifestations were possible, based on fated occurrences (meeting powerful people, becoming wealthier through alliances). Unfortunately Vertex-Hades, in tandem with various other factors in the charts, proved to be dangerous and deadly for RFK. Saturn-Hades-Vertex reinforces the influence of the underworld and manipulation of Sirhan Sirhan, and describes how that moment in time was an opportune window for killing RFK.

Saturn basically aligning with Hades-Vertex signifies the importance of Saturn in the event, and the Saturn influence repeatedly shows in the charts. RFK's natal Saturn, in this case, refers to death (Scorpio) of the material body (Saturn) as part of his fate (incredibly, Saturn's karma combines with the fated quality of the Vertex point). Hades has an earthy symbolism, just as Saturn does (evidenced by each planet's glyph and symbolism). Saturn's symbolism is indeed complex within this narrow part of the charts. Saturn in Scorpio repeats the allusion to manipulation of Sirhan by authority figures, and the possibility of revenge on Joseph Kennedy from powerful, entrenched, rich people with motivation to want Joseph Kennedy's sons gone.

3) The natal Saturn-progressed Moon-transiting Hades t-square

Major patterns involving the hypothetical Transneptunians are rare, due to the narrow orb of the aspects among the Transneptunians and planets found to be effective (typically limited to one degree). The Moon-Saturn square connects a planetary pair. Again, this is amazing, when viewed in light of the big picture of the event. All three planets in the pattern directly deal with the past, and by extension, karma. The trio forms a difficult pattern, itself a possible indicator of a tragic event. (Again, the orb of Saturn's opposition to Hades is slightly over a degree.) The fixed t-square with Leo Moon at the focal point signifies the death of a charismatic leader. With RFK viewed as the progressed Moon within the t-square pattern, again we see how powerful, behind the scenes authority figures may have arranged for his death, through manipulation of Sirhan Sirhan. In a way, the t-square's symbolism simply synthesizes many of the details from the first two points.

4) Transiting Mercury retrograde in Cancer conjunct Vulcanus

Transiting Mercury is particularly revealing pertaining to the role of Sirhan Sirhan in the assassination event. Retrograde Mercury was in early Cancer and even in the Cancer dwadasama at the time of the attack. Mercury was in the Moon's domain and thus relates directly to the subconscious, in watery Cancer. The retrograde quality in this case (author has natal Mercury retrograde in Cancer and it is a fantastic gift from the heavens, at least usually) denotes an erratic use of the mind, perhaps coerced through hypnosis! While this point about Mercury retrograde in the assassination chart is subject to debate, Mercury is clearly in the same degree as hypothetical Transneptunian Vulcanus. Were mighty forces far removed from the assassination manipulating Sirhan's mind? Clearly Mercury acting with Vulcanus also helps to describe the tragic event: use of a firearm to kill RFK and injure five other people. Sirhan was difficult to subdue, despite his relatively diminutive frame.[3] Based on Vulcanus in Cancer, forces that brought about the assassination were likely enemies in the United States.

5) Transiting Mercury conjunct Vulcanus, squaring natal Hades

Vulcanus, relating to powerful forces exerting subconscious control over Sirhan's mind, made a harsh and exact square to both natal and progressed Hades. Hades' manipulation enters the picture with Vulcanus' controls. Hades square Vulcanus and particularly Mercury indicates manipulation of Sirhan's mind, and the fact that the manipulators went unpunished and even undetected, while Sirhan remains imprisoned to this day. Sirhan, clearly the perpetrator of the crime, was fortunate not to receive the death penalty. Anyone else involved in the plan to kill RFK remains at large, fifty years after the assassination. Hades' other contribution, plainly speaking, is in symbolizing RFK's death. Hades repeats as a harbinger of death in different ways, through his transit and in RFK's natal promise.

6) Transiting Chiron conjunct natal/progressed Hades

Transiting Chiron was conjunct natal and progressed Hades, to the degree, at 2 Aries, and therefore also formed a square to transiting Mercury and Vulcanus. Chiron symbolizes woundedness, and Aries, the head. A shot to the head killed RFK. Of interest, natal Chiron is involved in the same idea in a different manner. Natal Chiron in late Aries forms a trine to natal and progressed Mercury, and is conjunct transiting Saturn. The happenstance of Saturn's connection to Mercury and Chiron indicates an outside authority involved with using someone to attack and kill RFK. Progressed Moon and natal and progressed Neptune completing a grand trine pattern with the planets in Aries and Sagittarius round out the repetition in an uncanny manner. Again, Moon relates to the subconscious and Neptune relates to hypnosis and manipulation, bolstering the idea of mind control.

7) Progressed Sun opposite natal Pluto

RFK's progressed Sun was starting to push on his Midheaven angle at the time of the assassination. This was an excellent placement for his run for President and supports (although wouldn't have guaranteed) being successfully nominated and even becoming the second Kennedy to attain the Presidency. Unfortunately, progressed Sun was also opposite natal and progressed Pluto, indicating the involvement of powerful people, the underworld, and bringing death from those who held interests against him. Indeed, progressed Sun opposite Pluto symbolizes his family wealth, popularity, and positions of power within his country (Pluto in Cancer). Pluto again broaches the familiar theme of RFK's death through manipulation and behind the scenes plotting. The t-square pointing to transiting Moon in Libra symbolizes someone subconsciously manipulated from another party, in order to destroy (Pluto) Kennedy (progressed Sun in Capricorn). Pluto in Cancer contradicts Sirhan's motivation to kill RFK. Was someone from a foreign country in the Middle East completely responsible for killing RFK? Or were powerful forces (Pluto) in the United States (Cancer) involved?

8) Natal and progressed Chiron at the focal point of the assassination yod

RFK's natal Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto, in a watery grand trine, had reconfigured themselves to help create a double yod pattern pointing to Saturn in the assassination chart. Natal and progressed Chiron were conjunct Saturn and therefore at the focal point of the yod. A shocking (Uranus) and deadly (Pluto) event mortally wounded RFK's body, consisting of a bullet to the head. Neptune in Scorpio helping to form the yod pattern repeats the manipulation through hypnosis theme. The complex arrangement of transiting outer planets forming a yod that overlapped RFK's Chiron suggests karma associated with RFK's personal woundedness. The symbolism is obvious and mysterious at the same time. Perhaps the fatal wound is intertwined with the United States' karma, which is plausible considering the need to protect what the Founding Fathers created, and was arguably what RFK was determined to push forward.

9) An exact Neptune quarter return

The Neptune quarter return pertains directly to RFK. His willingness to express his ideals and dreams were put to an abrupt end via an assassin. On the other hand, perhaps the prominent Neptune influence in RFK's life was also a reflection of the 'Camelot' fantasy involving the Kennedys that pervaded the national sentiment during the 1960s. The delusion the nation experienced from JFK's assassination was still lingering in 1968, and the shock of a second Kennedy no doubt made that fresh again for many people. More simply stated, while the Neptune quarter return is not an indicator of sudden death, RFK's Neptune return indicates that Neptune indeed may function as a malefic planet. This topic is worthy of closer examination; note for example that natal Sun was conjunct transiting Neptune, as was natal Saturn, and that transiting Neptune joined the natal watery grand trine including Uranus and Pluto for a significant amount of time before RFK died.

10) Pluto opposite natal and progressed Uranus

RFK had completed his Uranus half-return by June of 1968, and transiting Pluto was more directly opposite his natal and progressed Uranus placement. In addition to emphasizing the agents of change in a different manner (for example, Uranus in Pisces and Pluto in Virgo allude to Mercury and Neptune again, via dispositorship), Pluto in Virgo helped to create a distinct half Star of David pattern that also included natal Jupiter and natal and progressed Saturn. The nature of the event can be explained yet again through the planets involved in the half Star of David pattern. Jupiter simply expands the planets he aspects; and even Jupiter reinforces Saturn's involvement in the assassination (authority, the material body) through residence in Capricorn, Saturn's sign.

11) Black Lilith

Black Lilith is active in all locations in the triwheel. Natal Black Lilith conjuncts natal Pluto and conjuncts progressed Pluto to within a degree. Natal Black Lilith is also in opposition to progressed Sun. Progressed Black Lilith conjuncts progressed Moon within one degree. Transiting Black Lilith conjuncts transiting Sun within about one degree. Of interest, transiting Venus and Mars are in proximity/conjunction to transiting Black Lilith as well. The luminaries and Pluto heavily involved with Black Lilith reinforce the nature of the event. Power, wealth, and manipulation converged into this slice of time, and ended Robert Kennedy's life, evidenced by Kennedy's progressed Sun and Moon placements interacting with Black Lilith. Black Lilith has a complex symbolism, but in this case simply reinforces the idea and result of death.

12) Mars

Counterintuitively, Mars is rather removed and uninvolved with the assassination event. Natal Mars squares natal and progressed Zeus (alluding to death via firearms), but this condition among the natal and progressed charts was present at birth and remained in effect until RFK's death. Transiting Mars is at the focal point of a yod formed by natal Jupiter and natal Saturn at the base of the yod. That is still not a particularly convincing case for Mars' participation in the event. One would expect Mars to be active, due to the violent nature of the event. On the other hand, perhaps Mars relatively inert suggests that the event has much more to it than what is on the surface.


As with the JFK assassination, how might a person resolve loose ends and unexplained details pertaining to the RFK assassination event? Astrology is one possibility in drawing closer to a conclusion. Overwhelming factors repeat in the charts, explaining the conditions under which the event took place, possible and even probable scenarios regarding who did what, for what reasons, and a more satisfying explanation than a lone assassin theory repeated from the official JFK assassination investigation. As history unfolds, perhaps the increased distance in time from the event will bring about a different perspective or new evidence (slight though the chances may be) that shed more light on the event and allow us to know who really was behind killing Robert Kennedy. Or is astrology telling us?


[1] The Founding Fathers who became Presidents were rather commonly Aquarian in nature, in author's view. As the United States developed the Presidents slowly drifted into a more Piscean mode, a subject itself worthy of a serious article. A modern example of an Aquarian President, besides JFK, was Ronald Reagan, who was himself almost killed by an assassin. The idea of a President being Aquarian has nothing to do with Sun sign, although Reagan had natal Sun in Aquarius. JFK was a Gemini Sun.

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_F_Kennedy

[3] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assassination_of_Robert_F._Kennedy#Assassination

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