2020 United States Presidential Election prediction

2020 Presidential Election Prediction – September 6 2020
Michael R Svehla, MA

The Election Day 2020 transit chart, set in Washington DC. Scorpio ascendant is conjunct Poseidon, hinting at the magnitude and importance of the 2020 election event.

The 2020 United States Presidential election year has been ferociously divisive. The immense dislike of President Trump possessed by many on the left balances roughly with the ardent support of the many conservatives who want to see him re–elected. Both mass media and social media have become virtual battlegrounds for each candidate. The Yahoo! web site has gone so far as to eliminate the comments section from its articles, and a person has to wonder exactly why (the nastiness and divisive nature of the comments in this Presidential election year are probably part of their official reason). Two sides of the political spectrum who increasingly refuse to cooperate or listen to each other pockmarks the current months leading up to the November election. My 2020 Presidential prediction attempts to be objective and retains the hope that whatever the result of the election may be, a sense of unity will return after the election and help our country move forward into 2021.

Political analysis
Many various factors combine to form the mundane event. Astrological charts cannot simply be looked upon in isolation. The real world is where the event will happen. True, the heavens support one candidate or the other and explain the event, in retrospect. Therefore, many current conditions leading up to the event must be considered.

Electoral map
Trump must win Florida – and have at least one or two decisive victories in certain battleground states to win at least 270 electoral delegates. But this assumes Biden will win Pennsylvania. Trump won PA in 2016. Trump also won IA–WI–MI–OH. Trump won by a comfortable margin, in regards to the Electoral College delegate count, but bear in mind that Biden flipping just two or three states results in a win in 2020 for the Democrats. Of interest, AZ and UT went to Trump in 2020. Under the Trump loses PA scenario, he can still reach over 270 delegates in certain instances, even if he loses AZ–NM–CO.

I have pondered how important IA–WI–MI–OH is in this election. Biden MUST win either PA or FL and do well in IA–WI–MI–OH to win. Iowa has a heated Senate race and I doubt Biden will win IA this year, partly for that reason. Trump has reasonable chances in Ohio, so it appears that Biden must win either WI or MI, or even both, to become President. Of the two perhaps Michigan is more likely. However, Trump has courted blue collar workers successfully in the North Central states (often thought of as Democrat voters, per union memberships in many cases) and Biden's lasting impression in Michigan involved arguing with a factory worker about gun rights and cursing at him (source: CNBC web site, March 10 2020). Another serious problem for Biden (besides the fact that he is basically not campaigning) is that Trump has been seeking votes from non–white voters and apparently has made valuable progress with that part of the electorate. Biden is also dependent on heavy turnout in states that may go either way, and he has not appeared to generate sufficient enthusiasm and confidence in voters he desperately needs in "toss up" states thus far.

With all of the talk about various voter groups, independent voters are probably overlooked in importance. Simply not having registered as either a Democrat or Republican makes a person in that group a critical voter for each party. The election will be swayed and possibly even decided by how independent voters in essential states (IA–WI–MI–OH, AZ–NM, probably GA–NC, and of course FL–PA) decide to cast their ballots. Independent voters need cogent reasons to vote out incumbent Presidents. Trump is a fantastic marketer, so Biden must retaliate with a persuasive message of his own for independent voters to win.

A repeat of Mondale–Ferraro?
Before the COVID–19 event I was convinced that Biden would be the Mondale of 2020. (Recall that Mondale lost in a landslide to President Reagan in 1984.) Biden was a Vice President, will run against a polemical but popular President, at least among some voters, and Biden also chose a woman as his running mate. Sound a lot like Mondale in 1984. Now, the choice for voters is whether to trust Biden to take over (mainly based on the assumption that Trump has handled the COVID–19 event inadequately), or to remain with Trump, which appears at this point to be a safer choice in general. Typically the incumbent has an advantage and COVID–19 is not necessarily a catalyst that will spur voters to change Presidents this year, despite the artificial "recession" and massive amount of unemployment and other economic malaise that dealing with the COVID–19 event brought.

In modern times, a President has had to be both unpopular to lose a re–election bid, and the challenger must have been dynamic and giving what appears to be a sound alternative choice for replacing the current President. Carter lost to Reagan and Bush 41 lost to Clinton. Note that both Reagan and Clinton were charismatic and offered a sharp change from current policies. Overall, including the COVID–19 event and response, Trump has been rather successful during his first term as President, despite outcries about his policies from rank and file Democrat party members in the United States, right up to Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat Speaker of the House. For Biden to win, he needs to offer a clear vision that differs from Trump's and sell it to voters successfully. While that is true in basically any Presidential race, it can be particularly tough against an incumbent.

The problem of cognitive decline
The elephant in the room (not to be confused with the GOP mascot, although surely someone will be drawing the analogy somehow) is that Joe Biden, well into his seventies, appears to be experiencing cognitive decline. His age alone is a major turn–off for some voters. Trump is a young 74; Biden is an old 77. At the time of this writing, a serious question pertaining to whether the standard Presidential debates will be held in 2020 is in play. The Democrats cannot take the risk of Biden losing either his train of thought or losing his cool while he's in the debate spotlight. Possibly, Biden has been putting on an act (probably not an intelligent strategy), or, he will be able to shape up his mind and wits somehow before the debates, if they occur. Even so, Trump is likely to be able to sway voters and grab their attention, while Biden may have trouble remembering what to say and give questionable answers that distance him from voters who may have been open to voting for him.

The Democrats will have difficulties with convincing voters to "fire" Trump and hire Biden, given Trump's track record and Trump's ability to connect with voters and sell his accomplishments. The Republicans will need to ensure that they have a sound plan to win states that may elect either candidate – particularly FL and PA, and then IA–WI–MI–OH, among a several others.

Astrological analysis
I have been seeing copious variation in the approach to prognosticating the 2020 Presidential election in the astrology community and much of it is questionable or outright incorrect. Some people on the left have looked at each candidate's 2020 solar return and made hopeful predictions based on that alone. I have seen talk about the Venus cycle being correlated to the Presidential elections every year. It reminds me of the Lichtman model, which has been debunked. Other talk has centered around the transits on January 20 2021, which is not useful (despite various arguments to the contrary) because the election takes place on November 3 2020. As was mentioned, the event also cannot be looked at in isolation solely through astrological charts.

This prediction uses the natal promise of each candidate, Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The natal charts are progressed to November 3 2020 for each candidate. The transit chart is cast for November 3 2020 in Washington, DC, bearing in mind that the event lasts throughout the day. The time frame – a critical point to remember – is 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST on November 3 2020. Bear in mind that the Moon travels a fair distance in Gemini within the thirteen–hour time frame, from about 12 Gemini to 19 Gemini.

Donald Trump

The stars may not be aligning for Donald Trump in 2020 so much as they did in 2016. Trump's progressed Sun at 4 Virgo is in the critical degree. Progressed Sun in Trump's chart in 2020 as opposed to 2016 is HUGE – to borrow a bit of President Trump's hyperbole. Not only is his advantage from Sun conjunct fixed star Regulus gone, progressed Sun is in a critical degree in 2020. I wondered what the critical degree might mean for President Trump in 2016, and apparently the COVID–19 crisis fits what his administration must deal with during his reelection campaign. I am not as certain that Progressed Sun in 2020 is negative for Trump, because he thrives on adversity and has a knack for winning despite difficult odds and appearing to be losing before he wins big time (another hyperbole, with apologies). This is what happened in 2016.

Progressed and transiting Moon
Right away, progressed Moon in Trump's charts is promising for his re–election. Progressed Moon is out of range of a conjunction with natal Apollon (Transneptunian), and also misses a conjunction with progressed Apollon, unless you care to stretch the orb to two degrees (worth considering for one of the luminaries). Progressed Moon at 18 Virgo, however, makes solid conjunctions with both natal and progressed Cupido (Transneptunian). One benefic of the Transneptunian family and perhaps both positively affect Trump's progressed Moon on Election Day. Progressed Moon also forms trine aspects to the Wrecking Crew (transiting Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn). This is a mixed bag, however, the strongest trine is to Jupiter. One drawback of progressed Moon is its square to natal Moon in Sagittarius. The average spectator would probably agree that progressed Moon in Virgo is more difficult for President Trump, demanding that his emotional life at this point in time become a bit more humble. Trump seems to realize that being the President is a serious duty that demands service to an entire nation. As a successful businessperson and billionaire, and now as President, the earthy progressed Virgo Moon is fitting at this time in his life, if he is willing to adjust internally. Moon is in the New phase in the progressed chart; while this doesn't necessarily mean a break from what he is doing now, some spectators may surmise this to be the case. Progressed Moon forms squares to natal Sun and Uranus, another difficult adjustment for Trump. Uranus is a favorable planet for President Trump, on average. The result of the 2016 election demonstrated this, as an example. Lastly, progressed Moon is opposite transiting Neptune. This is perhaps almost as worrisome for Trump as natal Moon square progressed Moon. Trump may become overconfident, and clearly this transit versus progressed Moon shows how serious the entrenched establishment's opposition is to Trump being re–elected. Trump's "family" (supporters across the United States, particularly in swing states) is what will help push him over the finish line this year, per Cupido's symbolism. Transiting Neptune opposes natal and progressed Cupido as well.

Transiting Moon will align with President Trump's natal and progressed Moon's Nodes by the end of Election Day. Transiting Moon also crosses over natal Uranus. Again, spectators may predict Uranus as a negative influence for Trump in the 2020 election. I am not so sure of this and indeed, my view expresses a more positive manifestation of Uranus for President Trump. He is a shocking and revolutionary candidate, which carries through in his Presidency. Trump has bantered with many people in the media and even exchanged attacks during press conferences. He uses technology and social media (Twitter) to spread his thoughts directly to the American people. Thus Uranus (natal Uranus is conjunct natal Sun) appears to be a comfortable and usual mode of operation for Trump. Note also natal, progressed, and transiting Moon forming a t–square in Trump's triwheel. This is not necessarily beneficial, however, this shows that transiting Moon will square both natal and progressed Cupido and Apollon towards the end of the day, which is a plus. Very importantly, and also to Trump's benefit, transiting Moon is conjunct natal Sun all day on November 3 2020, and the conjunction grows stronger as the day unfolds. This analysis is beginning to reveal the importance of the mutable signs for Trump in 2020. Indeed, transiting Moon will also square Neptune in Pisces by the end of the day, adding to the mighty mutable grand cross in Trump's triwheel.

Transiting Moon, even as part of a grand cross pattern in the triwheel, is not necessarily indicative of failure for Trump this year. Transiting Moon trines all of the following throughout the day: natal Jupiter (will be exact), progressed Jupiter (becomes stronger towards the end of the day), and progressed Venus (within a degree of exact by the end of the day).

Transiting Moon's Nodes
President Trump is having a Node return in 2020, closely coinciding with Election Day. Thus the karmic axis also aligns with Trump's Sun–Moon opposition on that day. That is a powerful signal from the heavens! Based on this alone a person could argue that Trump's destiny is to be re–elected as President. What impresses me is how the Moon's Nodes are conjunct/in opposition to natal Vulcanus (Transneptunian). Vulcanus was also important for President Trump in 2016. Due to the slow orbits of Uranus and particularly Vulcanus, progressed Uranus and Vulcanus are still conjunct and thus beneficial for President Trump – an Aquarian type of President who likes to be bombastic, eruptive, and controlling. Progressed Vulcanus is also conjunct natal Sun at this point in Trump's life, a favorable conjunction for him and of benefit in the 2020 election.

The Wrecking Crew opposite natal Venus and Saturn
Real estate made Trump a billionaire, yet his natal promise lacks any of the ten planets in earth signs. Venus conjunct Saturn in Cancer helps to explain his business savvy and success in real estate, and by extension, his success in politics. President Trump is going through a Saturn half–return at the same time Moon's Nodes return to the natal position. Right now is certainly a karmic time in his life. While Venus–Saturn contacts are often considered to be unfavorable, an exception often bandied about regarding Venus and Saturn is that the duo is propitious for doing business: the power of collaboration within structure. Trump appears to have an amazing intuitive (water sign) understanding of this.

Note Saturn is in the opposition twice in the triwheel, but both benefics (Venus and Jupiter) are as well. Pluto may be considered to be a malefic, but Pluto also represents power. Billionaire status and currently holding the Presidency makes Trump an enormously powerful person. Is Pluto in the opposition saying that his Presidency will continue? The Wrecking Crew has caused its fair share of mischief and more in 2020. The terrible trio is not at its worst without Mars. Mars is squaring the Wrecking Crew in the transits on Election Day, but Saturn is a bit out of range of the square with Mars. Thus the strongest square to Mars is from Jupiter, a benefic, and the next strongest square is Mars–Pluto, connecting a planetary pair. Trump has a strong Mars natally and the fiery Mars in Aries is probably helpful for him, although even Trump can go overboard in his squabbles with the press, his opponent Joe Biden, and in his campaigning and presentations to the public.

Progressed and transiting Venus
Transiting Venus conjuncts natal and progressed Poseidon (Transneptunian) on Election Day. The hypothetical Transneptunians are hitting for Trump on Election Day well. The benefics are helping him (Poseidon is somewhat on the benefic side). I don't believe any one factor will win the election for either candidate. The transiting Venus placement, however, is remarkable. Venus conjuncts Poseidon to the degree at 7 Libra. This is indicating that Trump has the power to sway the masses (voters) on Election Day. His natal and progressed Neptune are also in the mix, and in fact, progressed Neptune is also at 7 Libra. Neptune–Venus is approximately the same vibe, considered the nature of the mundane event. Trump will be able to effectively communicate his vision and convince voters across the United States to vote for him again. This is particularly important in swing states. Transiting Venus also conjuncts natal Jupiter on that day (within about a ten degree orb), bolstering his chances in the election. Transiting Venus misses a conjunction with progressed Venus unless the orb is stretched. Natal Chiron is also conjunct Venus. This is not a plus and indicates that Trump needs to account for his successes in his first term, and explain his failures, to voters. He will have a better chance if he is able to do this. This is an obvious fact, but Chiron brings this issue to the surface. I am also thinking that while any election has cheating, the Libra placements in Trump's triwheel indicate a fair election, or at least a positive result despite cheating efforts from various hostile parties.

Progressed Venus basically repeats the themes from transiting Venus, but the placement is of interest. Progressed Venus closely conjuncts natal Jupiter and she also conjuncts progressed Jupiter. Progressed Venus is in the same degree as progressed Chiron. This again raises the theme that the election is Trump's to lose, but he will have to work hard to win. Progressed Venus also squares the transiting Wrecking Crew. Although the aspect is a square, progressed Venus lightens up the Wrecking Crew and the square among progressed Venus and transiting Jupiter will be reasonably helpful for Trump. The Venus–Saturn square may be a thorn in his side, but Trump's experience as a businessperson will perhaps make the square useful. It repeats the fact that he will have to work very hard to win.

All of the talk about Venus and Saturn, looking at the big picture of the triwheel, creates a second grand cross pattern in Trump's charts on Election Day. Transiting Mars in the mix completes a cardinal grand cross pattern. Fortunately for Trump, the benefics are more in play than the malefics. Saturn in Capricorn misses the boat due to the Mars–Saturn square orb just outside of ten degrees (perhaps this may be considered but it is weak). Natal Saturn is in Cancer, Saturn's detriment, and Venus and Jupiter are in the mix two times each. Even so, Trump must adhere to the heavens' demands that "when the going gets tough, the tough get going."

Hades and Admetos
Hades and Admetos are not completely out of the mix for Trump on Election Day. Trump must be very careful of saying something that will turn off voters (transiting Mercury opposite natal and progressed Hades). If Trump loses, a lot of the reason will be due to younger voters. Some kind of secrets, true or not, may harm Trump on Election Day if he doesn't deal with the information effectively. This will be difficult to do per a hostile press and Trump's tendency to attack the messenger. Transiting Saturn is also squaring natal and progressed Hades, which will be difficult for Trump on Election Day. Mercury and Hades create a remarkable t–square with Saturn at the focal point. This rare t–square (the demanding one–degree orb of the Transneptunians makes any pattern relatively sparse) is tough and hints at past deceptions and dark secrets being revealed and affecting the election. If the allegations are untrue, Trump has nothing to worry about. A recent example, spurious but widely reported, of Trump supposedly making negative comments at an American veterans' gravesite is a prime example of this. For Hades to have a deleterious effect, the allegations must be true. The left will almost certainly have more bombshells to reveal before the election.

Trump's progressed Moon makes an odd angle to natal and progressed Admetos. Progressed Venus is opposite Admetos and transiting Mars misses a conjunction with natal Admetos. Admetos does not give much new information, quite frankly. With Venus–Admetos, the Admetos influence may actually be favorable in that voters tend to select Trump as the default candidate, which is consistent with Trump being the incumbent candidate. Progressed Chiron opposite Admetos can be bad news for Trump, but this is only reiterating the 'accounting' theme. In the midst of such a complicated event, the financial markets are apt to be an important influence, which is part of what Chiron is telling us. S&P near or at its record high on Election Day is obviously better for Trump. Transiting Neptune is also creating mischief with a subtle aspect to natal and progressed Admetos.

Transiting Hades and Admetos make a few minor connections to Trump's natal and progressed planets, but nothing that will significantly influence the election.

Natal Vertex and final thoughts about President Trump
Transiting Pluto is conjunct President Trump's natal Vertex. Transiting Jupiter is as well, if the orb is stretched to one and a half degrees. It seems that power – Pluto – will be entering Trump's life again on Election Day. Again, no single factor in the heavens guarantees success or failure for either candidate. Trump is easily the most polemical President since Ronald Reagan and possibly ever. He is an Aquarian President (along the lines of Reagan and Kennedy, among modern Presidents, and along the lines of the Founding Father Presidents, including the first five or so and others including Lincoln. FDR was very Piscean). Voters will decide if the Aquarian type President suits them, or if reverting to the establishment/Piscean type of President, Joe Biden, will be worth switching to in 2021. The election will be a brutal marathon of attacks and counterattacks, competition, and difficult work. Trump's advantage is that he thrives in the competitive type of environment and his forte is swaying large groups of people to his point of view. Trump's marketing skills and prowess in communicating with potential voters will be among his greatest assets in the election.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden should not be underestimated. But a major problem for Biden is that he is not campaigning. Debates are scheduled as usual, for a Presidential election year, but Biden may or may not be able to partake in any or all of them. Biden's health, particularly his cognitive functions, are in serious question. Speculation about Biden having some type of dementia or other health problems have been circling, although the mainstream press has essentially not reported it. Lately (in early September 2020) Biden has appeared to be more peppy and sharp, and one has to wonder why. Is Biden receiving some type of treatment for cognitive decline that may temporarily make him more lucid? Are health problems clearing up, making him more able to communicate well? Was he faking some kind of problems as part of a campaign strategy, odd as that may sound?

Even in perfect health, Biden looks old. His campaigning has also been limited. True, campaigning in Pennsylvania can be effective for Biden – he must win either FL or PA to be competitive on November 3 2020. Why isn't he crisscrossing Florida, and then visiting other states besides Wisconsin while he is in that region? Perhaps he will after the time of this writing. One would think that he has to in order to win. I am reminded of a military strategy that calls for winning a war completely by air. While that is possible (in this analogy, Biden would try to win by tweeting, running television and radio ads, and trying to sway voters remotely without ever being in their states), it gives Trump a major advantage. The heavens reveal additional details about this reserved type of strategy and the outcome on Election Day for Biden.

Progressed Sun and Moon
Progressed Sun, at 16 Aquarius, is important and even central to understanding Biden's chances in the 2020 election. The progressed Sun's sign itself is revealing. The basic identity at this time in Biden's life is associated with cognitive decline, whether or not this is medically the case. Of great interest, progressed Sun's transiting ruler, Uranus, makes a square aspect to Biden's progressed Sun. This may be interpreted in various ways. For Biden, it appears that the Sun–Uranus square symbolizes his erratic comments and unexpected behavior. Examples abound; he exchanged angry words with a factory worker in Michigan pertaining to gun rights. Biden also referred to a man in Iowa as "fat," going so far as to referring to the person as though he knew his first name and the name was fat. Of course no one is named fat, and perhaps these examples, among others, are why Biden is not campaigning and interacting with voters. The erratic comments allude to the Sun–Uranus square, and while I don't know much about medical astrology, political figures are fair game and in my view the square astrologically symbolizes some type of dementia at this point in Biden's life. Progressed Sun is also starting to oppose natal and progressed Chiron in Leo, an unfavorable aspect for the election event.

A second key to the Presidential prediction for Biden is the waning natal and progressed Pluto opposition to progressed Sun. He was a powerful person when progressed Sun was in strong opposition to natal and progressed Pluto – he was the Vice President at that time! Pluto – power – is leaving his grasp, with the progressed Sun leaving the orb of an opposition with natal and progressed Pluto. The theme that is starting to appear for Biden on Election Day is that he still has a shot in various ways. For example, transiting Pluto is opposite natal and progressed Jupiter. This is particularly potent for Biden given that Jupiter, his chart ruler, is in Cancer, Jupiter's sign of exaltation. Per Pluto ruling Biden's Scorpio Sun, Biden is reasonably comfortable with Pluto and Pluto's influence is apt to be a plus in the election event. Yet the progressed Sun–Pluto symbolism cannot be overlooked.

Wrecking Crew opposite Natal Jupiter and conjunct Progressed Mercury
Transiting Saturn in dominion is dampening natal and progressed Jupiter via an opposition. Again we are seeing a kind of saving grace in Biden's charts, given that transiting Jupiter helps to mitigate this Saturn effect. Progressed Mercury has the privilege of being pulled in three different directions, from transiting Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. Jupiter (natal, progressed, and transiting) hits progressed Mercury three times, but Saturn and Pluto definitely make their influence known. Transiting Mercury joins with natal and progressed Jupiter and the Wrecking Crew, forming a t–square pattern in Biden's triwheel. On average this will help Biden connect with voters, with several caveats. He needs to do well in the debates, beyond the fact that canceling any debate appearances would be courting disaster; he needs to avoid his usual and regular gaffes; and he needs to campaign in person.

The Wrecking Crew helps to create a strong, unexpected pattern in Biden's triwheel that must be dealt with effectively. Natal and progressed Neptune, natal and progressed Uranus, and the Wrecking Crew form a grand trine pattern in the triwheel. Grand trines are normally thought of as favorable, but this one gives me pause. Uranus is a difficult planet for Biden, particularly at this stage of his life, and Neptune may deceive Biden and his party into thinking that he will win, when in reality he is going to lose. The Wrecking Crew does not aspect Uranus and Neptune by sign, but the trine aspects are well within orb, particularly for Saturn. Progressed Saturn in Gemini helps to create an additional grand trine pattern with transiting Saturn and natal and progressed Neptune. This setup locks in a fair amount of negative influence into a closed pattern for Biden. Jupiter in Capricorn has a faint influence in the grand trines compared to Saturn in Capricorn.

Transiting Mars conjunct Natal and Progressed Admetos
Transiting Mars makes an exact conjunction to natal and progressed Admetos at 15 Aries. The orb is close, with each Admetos placement conjunct to within one–sixth of a degree to transiting Mars. This is the worst feature of Biden's placements on Election Day. Mars is retrograde, and enervated by Admetos. We will see the effect on November 3 2020, but the analysis indicates a stalled election for Biden. He just cannot win if he doesn't campaign. Based on an exact birth time, transiting Admetos is just outside of a conjunction to Biden's descendant angle. Narrowly missing the one–degree orb is still not necessarily good news for Biden. Admetos is pushing on his descendant angle, indicating a lack of connection to voters in general and a stagnant campaign. Transiting Admetos also conjuncts natal Uranus, making an upset of the incumbent more unlikely and again indicating that Biden is simply too old to be making a serious run for the Presidency.

Progressed Sun is also just within orb of aspects to natal and progressed Admetos. If the heavens were not making this obvious by now, Biden is too old to be running (the planets recite in unison). Clearly the foremost reason for this is cognitive (Sun in Aquarius) decline (Admetos). Biden just missed an opportunity for Progressed Sun to aspect both natal and progressed Cupido and Apollon on Election Day, so Admetos' bias in keeping the status quo will hurt Biden's election chances.

Neptune is probably a fairly difficult planet for Biden. Transiting Neptune reiterates Biden's cognitive difficulties connected to winning the election. Neptune in Pisces is close to Biden's imum coeli angle and making a strong push against it. Biden thinks he will win, but this is a fantasy, particularly if he remains on the sidelines instead of actively playing in the campaigning game. Transiting Neptune helps to create a watery grand trine in the triwheel, with Biden's natal stellium in Scorpio and natal and progressed Jupiter. The seven grand trines – more if transiting Sun is included – are comfortable, but form a closed circuit and may be dangerous for Biden with Neptune in dominion involved in all of the trines. The benefics in the pattern are helpful, but in some ways may contribute to a loss, ironically (Jupiter simply expands the other planets in the pattern or contributes to unwarranted optimism, Venus in Scorpio may reveal some kind of betrayal, etc.).

Progressed Jupiter conjunct natal Vertex
A stroke of good fortune resides in the natal Vertex–progressed Jupiter conjunction. One factor does not win or lose the election for either candidate, but this helps Biden. To be fair, Biden appears to be an upbeat, cheery individual on his better days, which is consistent with his ascendant angle in Sagittarius. Natal Vertex is also well placed in the Cancer sign, in the midst of various planets in the United States natal chart. However, natal Vertex does not conjunct any U.S. birth chart planets. Progressed Jupiter is close to the U.S. natal Sun, however, also a plus for Biden in his bid for the Presidency.

Hades and Moon's Nodes – and transiting Moon
Transiting Moon's Nodes form a half–kite pattern with Biden's natal Hades on Election Day. This is an unfortunate configuration for Biden. Natal Vulcanus joins in, per a conjunction with North Node at 20 Gemini. Vulcanus helped Trump in 2016. I'm not as sure that Vulcanus will help Joe Biden in 2020. Pertaining to natal and progressed Hades aspecting the transiting Moon's Nodes, that will not be helpful at all for Biden and I am certain of it. As with his opponent, Hades will not be harmful unless past transgressions exist to come back and haunt Biden. A subtle aspect among natal Saturn and transiting Hades repeats the “reap what you've sown theme” in a major and profound way.

A third/past and Hades influence consists of transiting Moon remarkably also making aspects to natal and progressed Hades at the end of Election Day. The Moon–Saturn–Moon's Nodes–Hades influences combined are almost as troubling as Biden's Admetos placements running transiting Mars in Aries in circles. The post–election analysis may read something like, Biden could not overcome his past transgressions and make voters enthusiastic about voting for him, because he appeared to be old, tired, and past his ability to assume the demands of the Oval Office.

Progressed Moon and Final Thoughts About Joe Biden
Progressed Moon is supportive of the possibility that despite the obstacles of being the challenger against an aggressive opponent, Biden still has a way to win. Progressed Venus in Pisces/exaltation closely conjuncts progressed Moon at 7 Pisces on Election Day. Transiting Venus in Libra and natal Pluto in Leo form the base of a double yod pattern pointing to Moon and Venus. Astoundingly, this matches well with Biden likely to win many more votes cast by women. The key is not if Biden can obtain more votes from women. Assuming power (Pluto) depends on obtaining more votes from women in key battleground states. While stating this is no great revelation, this strategy of focusing on one group of voters, albeit about half of the population, does not guarantee success. Natal and progressed Poseidon at 6 Libra join in with the yod, thus Biden has the power of Poseidon (reaching and swaying a mass audience) at his disposal in 2020. But the drawback is that he appears, per the yod, to only in general be able to sway women voters, who were more likely to vote for him in the first place.

Progressed Moon makes a wide conjunction to transiting Neptune and has a further connection to Neptune in dominion, per dispositorship. This alludes to the Neptunian pitfall Biden must deal with effectively in 2020 in order to win: he may think that winning is no problem and a done deal, but in reality his Scorpio Sun and stellium will lose. Hillary Clinton would have to admit that sounds very familiar! Natal and progressed Saturn, and natal and progressed Uranus, make square aspects to progressed Moon and progressed Venus. True, Uranus may signify an upset on Election Day (in other words, Biden defeating the incumbent Trump), but Saturn is not at all ambiguous. Saturn's repeated, tough squares to Moon and Venus mitigate a lot of the advantage of the yod pointing to Moon and Venus.

Biden has both favorable and unfavorable features in his triwheel on Election Day. Much of the supernal influences stack up in the "not favorable" column. But he can still win. The problem is that his Scorpio stellium wants to spend too much time in hiding and in private. The fact that the disappearing act strategy is better than the public fully realizing the extent of his health problems still doesn't help his campaign, and from what I can observe, badly hurts it. I will be disappointed if Biden refuses to debate President Trump and my guess is that the debates will not happen. This is also problematic for Biden, even if that is a better strategy, because Trump will still reach a mass audience in other ways in the final two months of the campaign. Any appearance of Biden runs the risk of his usual gaffes and looking old and worn out. Keeping Biden in Delaware creates a problem of not being able to court voters effectively in key states. Looking at the electoral map is a fascinating exercise. It doesn't matter that Trump only won a few states by a few hundred thousand votes in 2016 if Trump can repeat that feat in 2020.

Final Prediction
President Trump is in an unusual, but comfortable for him, role of being the "underdog" in 2020. In a way he is exactly that, because he still represents a lone voice against the establishment influencing American politics. Trump has a talent for marketing, public relations, and speaking to a huge audience in a personal and convincing manner.
Trump's greatest ally on Election Day: natal and progressed Cupido conjunct progressed Moon.

Biden should not be discounted. Biden being elected is possible and a furious effort to defeat President Trump will include hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign funds. Biden cannot, however, coast to victory. He will need to focus on winning votes in key states, starting with Florida and Pennsylvania. Will Biden even visit Florida between Labor Day and November 3 2020? He probably should visit Florida a dozen times between Labor Day and the election.
Biden's greatest bane on Election Day: transiting Mars conjunct natal and progressed Admetos.

Trump needs to overcome the progressed Sun in the critical degree of Virgo liability, as well as deal with the difficulties of the grand cross patterns in his triwheel. However, many favorable aspects left over from 2016, or similar aspects, will help Trump win in 2020. Biden must become more active and surpass what ironically are positive patterns in his triwheel. The grand trine patterns and Jupiter must not interfere with working hard to defeat his opponent. Past karma and the Neptunian influence are also formidable obstacles in Biden's bid for the White House.

Given the political analysis, Trump as incumbent, Biden's health problems and lack of participation, and planetary influences, I predict that Donald Trump will win again in 2020.

Michael R Svehla
September 2020

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