"Millionaires don't use astrology, billionaires do." - J.P. Morgan

While I can't guarantee that anyone will ever be a billionaire, one of the reasons I study astrology and offer readings is to help people realize that it's not so much what you have in your chart, but how you use it! With this in mind, a person might substantially benefit by recognizing what energies are currently in the heavens (transits), what energies have been imbued on them at birth (natal chart), and the state of their life thus far (progressions) in order to determine how to effectively apply their energies to projects, work and career, home life, relationships, how to budget available resources, and choose how to express themselves spiritually.

I have studied and learned from some of the best astrologers in the business. My readings include a typed report made just for you, or a recording that can be listened to as often as you wish. You may also choose to ask questions and chat about the reading via telephone or in person after I send the report or recording. You are much more than one of the twelve brief descriptions about the Sun signs in a newspaper column! A reading from a competent astrologer can be a valuable asset as you navigate the waters of your life.

Explanation of services and prices

Please understand that my readings involve a great amount of time and effort to prepare. I have learned from the best astrologers in the business, from books and in person, and I am constantly pushing myself to be among the best astrologers in the business. That is why I charge what I do. My readings are all about you and the difference between my reading and a computer report is the difference between sitting in the front row at a concert seeing your favorite band and listening to one of their songs on the radio.

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